Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas

We just wanted to say ‘hi’ to everyone. Rach is happy and bulging with less than a month left for the next baby. They say it’ll be a girl, but they’ve said that before, so we’ll see in January. Little C is 18 months and can do everything himself. Temperatures are not too bad, and we’re not planning on a white Christmas this year.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas time with families and lots of giving. We are thankful to have the gospel of Jesus Christ that reminds us of why we celebrate this time of year, and we are so grateful for the greatest love shown by our Savior in giving His life for each of us.

Thanks so much to all of you for your friendship and influence in our lives.



Rachelle said...

What a cute family!!! Your boy has your mouth =)

Anne C said...

Hey Rachel, Dean, and Caleb,

I sure see a lot of smiles in this post - it is wonderful to see everyone looking so happy.

You have one cute family and Caleb definitely has the Castleton mouth (he also reminds me of Adrienne when she was little). Great to hear that all is well with you and I wish you an easy time with the next baby.

My kids and I are all meeting up in No. California for a few days of babies, fun, and family.

Aunt Anne

Maria said...

Caleb is a little cutie!! Sounds like you guys are doing well. I had forgotten you were expecting a girl when Caleb was born. Too funny. Do you still have all the girl stuff you received then? Rach, you don't even look pregnant! You look great! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas.

Emmy said...

Merry Christmas!
Caleb sure looks a lot like you Rach (both Ben and I think so). He looks like a fun guy. Can't wait to hear about #2!!
Wish we could have some AZ Christmas weather...
We've got 2 feet of snow out there. We're planning on building a snow fort over Christmas...

Stopher and Nicolle said...

love that i know your blog now! i have to send you an invite to mine... you look amazing. i can't believe you're pregnant again! didn't caleb just get here!!? he's SO cute! hope you have a happy holiday. next time you're in cali, call me. I was in San Diego for a month! We could have visited!

Elena said...

Have a Merry Christmas season!!!
love you

Maren B said...

Hey, you have a newborn now, don't you? Congratulations! I hope to talk to you when things have calmed down. Love,

mE said...

What no updates? Surlly you're not too busy with a beautiful new baby and extreemly handsome young boy too post up dates on your blog??? I never... well maybe some.
Miss you lots.
How's Deany-Woo? And your little ones? And you? Yes how are you?
Guess I should write you an email instead... lol... guess I'm not that smart.
I tell you what!