Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little C's reaction . . .
to his baby sister can be sweet or sometimes it seems like he's saying, "What?"

Is he philosophizing?

Just taking a drive out in the weeds.

Let me see your cheezy smile.

Little E

Little Lenichka.

Here are some pictures of our daughter. I still can't believe the Lord sent her to us. She is a lovely baby and adds a sweetness to the feeling in our home. It is amazing how different each child can be. Sometimes, C will be running through the house and he'll stop to put his face down near her feet. He will laugh gleefully when she moves, especially if she kicks him. I'll then ask him to do something and he will turn and say, "no" and then go back to his running. All the while, she is just looking around calmly as if to say, "I am content and I'm going to stay that way." I added the last picture of her in the middle of a cry for Joe. It reminds me of some of his classic baby faces . . . and even later-in-life faces. :)

She was 7.2 lbs. and very tired. She opens her eyes a lot more now.