Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Caleb is a little man now.

While visiting Bex, we spent a wonderful few days at the Horlacher's home. This was taken Sunday afternoon when we were all out sitting on blankets on the lawn, while listening to Seth play his accordian. C obviously enjoyed it as well.


Elena said...

mmmmmmmm.... such cute!!!

quil said...

he looks just like me.

...that's a compliment.

greysquirrelb said...

I love that picture - Caleb is so cute with his hair and little teeth :)

Laura said...

Ah......or is that AAAHHHHHHHHH! I am impressed with the little man....gee, I think I saw him somewhere lately!
This seems to be the only blog that I didn't receive a link to visit; what are you hiding, my dear neice? I had to hunt thru all the "quill" stuff to locate this.
No, dear girl.....ignorance is NOT bliss!!!
From the pen [oops, keyboard] of your one and only AA Laura :)

Lorna said...

It's weird watching your kids grow because it means your getting older too but you're not feeling it, ya know? Recently I realized that I have a four year old (recently,as in, the day he turned four a week ago), and he is not a toddler, but instead a little boy, which puts me in a whole new level of momhood. Weird. BTW, Caleb's adorable.