Thursday, January 10, 2008

More of the same

Last Sunday, little C sported a new Hawaiian shirt. His dad came to visit for the occasion, (actually, I think he came to see me, but the new shirt was a definite bonus). The next picture shows C with one of my Christmas presents on his head (a blue bandana from Dad) while studying the keyboard on his lap. He's really good at observing things before he starts performing, so I'm expecting him to play a song in no time. Below we have a picture of him in his Christmas PJs and one with him all bundled up after a walk in the cold, Snowflake air.


Meagan said...

How did Caleb get so big already? I keep thinking he was just born yesterday.

Elena said...

Ahh, I have no words, you are that cute!!
<3 beautiful family <3

Maren said...

DANG, Caleb is s'darn cute I want to eat him for breakfast. How are you?

Maren said...

Plus he has a huge noggin. How does he hold that thing up? I'm impressed. And I'm impressed that you were able to birth that child

Whitney said...

I work with Becky in the Testing Lab again! Well Becky is leaving so I only get to work with her for a few months she is so adorable. She showed me your blog and I am so happy to see your cute baby! He is such a doll! I hope you guys are doing well. I miss you in the lab!

Michelle said...

hey there rachel! I found you on Maren's blog. Oh the world of blogging.

But really, your kid is adorable. He is such a little man. I hope you don't mind if I check out your pictures every once in a while. You can check us out at
Talk to you later!!

amanda said...

rachel!!! he is SO cute!!!! i'm glad to find out you have a blog. :) i hope that you are doing well. you have such a cute family!

amanda (wilson)

Elena said...

Rachel, милая, I have a little question - are you ever going to update your blog??? I would like to see Caleb, he might have started going to school already..
скучаю по тебе!! <3