Thursday, December 13, 2007

Visiting Daddy in New Mexico

My parents-in-law and I took little C out to visit his dad in New Mexico a couple weeks ago. Then, we headed to Carlsbad to stay at some cabins on a KOA campground. We were going to see the caverns there, but our baby got a high fever, so we went to the doctor's office instead. But we got to spend time with Daddy, so that made it a great trip. C is doing fine now and has already learned how to trill his tongue. Spanish should come easy to him now. :)


Haydnbc said...

We want more! Can't get enough of the cute little bug.

Becky said...

I love your you are truly a mother...I've heard you have to have a blog to be one :) Its really cool - and I like the pictures. You have a family...crazy for me to realize sometimes...though I've been realizing it for sometime...don't you worry :) love you

quil said...

Rach, your blog needs some work. I suggest more pictures of me. But it's ok for now. And here's another issue: Caleb may be cute now, but will he have what it takes to be cute when he's 26, you know, like me? Just something to consider.


i won't ever say it because it's not manly, but Caleb is dang cute.

Dean said...

You know, I agree with all the comments on this blog (except for maybe Joe's), but what about me? I mean, how could you miss the ginormous Delap cranium in the big picture?

Elena said...

Rachel, he is soooo cute!!! Lucky you ;)
Well, Caleb also is ok.. hehe ))
Rachel!! I'm just in love with this little guy. I would give everything I have to play with him for a while :'D